With 50 years of experience, Voyageur Outward Bound School provides facilitated emotional and physical challenges in outdoor environments for groups and individuals. During the experience of being on course, participants discover that perseverance leads to success, through exemplifying GRIT, DETERMINATION, CREATIVITY and COLLABORATION. We serve:

  • 6-12th Grade Students
  • College and Young Adults
  • Professional Educators

See character education in action.

Group Program Summary:

Launch Ahead

1-2 Hours In School or Agency

This custom leadership program pairs a school or agency with Outward Bound on a regular basis. Curriculum can include environment, team-building, or leadership. This is perfect for student leadership teams, service learning groups, or out-of- school-time programs!

Insight Programs

Full Day Local & Regional Parks

Insight programs do just that–They give students insight into what is possible when they taste achievement. Each student deserves to experience the power of “I did it.” The program can take place in local parks, trails, activity centers or even your school.

Leadership Expeditions

4-7 Days or more, location varies by course

Peer Leadership Expeditions are challenging experiences that build strong teams and strong individuals. On our unique Urban Expeditions they also learn about their community as they explore leadership through the lens of topics like homelessness, the environment or even the arts.

Educator Courses

Single Day or multi-day expeditions

These career development experiences are for anyone who is an educator or youth development professional. Each customized program is designed to help educators and youth workers implement experiential techniques with their students, and get invigorated in your career! 

Trusted Partnerships

The Value of the Experience

We facilitate engaging, relevant and sequential experiences that promote skill mastery, communication, conflict resolution and the ability to set and achieve goals as a group. We use moments of success, as well as failure, to translate challenge into positive personal development, allowing students to emerge as confident leaders.