Typically 4-7 days, or more

What can your students learn from carrying a heavy backpack along the Superior Hiking Trail, portaging through the Boundary Waters, trying to locate a campsite at night, or building a shelter when it is raining? They discover that perseverance leads to strength, and in this new found strength lies confidence and resiliency. This is no ordinary camping trip; it’s a journey with a purpose. We create experiences that extend far beyond the course, and leverage the power of symbolic “mountaintop” moments.

  • 6-12th grade, college, young adults
  • 4-7 days, or more
  • Locations varies by course

Transformative Experience

It's not just about the thrills.  A zip-line is not a life-changing experience on its own. But a program designed to develop character through deliberate challenges by some of the world's greatest experiential educators certainly is. We strive to work in close partnership with schools and organizations, so that the experience can be holistically integrated in the curriculum and program design.

Each Voyageur Outward Bound School experience is individually tailored to meet your goals. Participants learn the skills to orient their futures and their roles in the world. Perseverance, creativity, compassion, confidence and critical thinking cannot be learned only in the classroom. These skills are learned through experience — experience that we provide.

I learned that many of my fears, limitations, and dislikes are all mental. Anytime I believed I would not be able to push harder to complete a goal, it was my mind that held me back, and eventually pushed me even farther as I learned.
— José, 10th grade

Sample Course Areas:

  • Canoeing | Saint Croix River & Boundary Waters
  • Backpacking | Superior Hiking Trail
  • Urban Expedition | Theme-based in Twin Cities
  • Dogsledding and Skiing | Boundary Waters
  • Rock Climbing | Blue Mound State Park
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Uncompromising quality requires more resources, and we are here to serve. We strive to minimize costs by sponsoring over 50% of program expenses through avid fundraising and grant writing.

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