Outward Bound is an international education movement dedicated to the idea that people are capable of far more than they know.  Our programs help people discover transferable skills—like the strength of their character, an ability to lead, and a determination to serve their community—all with newfound confidence. These skills are strong predictors of success in school and home. This is no ordinary camping trip; it’s a journey with a purpose. We create experiences that extend far beyond the course, and leverage the power of symbolic “mountaintop” moments.  Pairing Outward Bound experiences with a student's classroom experience educates the whole person, catapulting them towards success. Our courses utilize a progression of leadership and responsibility, tooling students for success in other challenging life circumstances. LEARN MORE ABOUT EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION >>

Design Principles

Learning through Experience. 
Facilitate engaging, relevant, sequential experiences that promote mastery and incorporate reflection and transference.

Challenge and Adventure.
We use unfamiliar settings to impel students into mentally, emotionally and physically demanding experiences.

Supportive Environment.
Design experiences that support a student's physical and emotional safety.  Staff create a caring and positive group culture.


Case Study on VOBS' Curriculum

In 2014, The University of Minnesota produced a peer-reviewed case study on the curriculum and benefits of Outward Bound. "Voyageur Outward Bound programs and expeditions are designed with a deliberate progression for students as they move toward new awareness of their capabilities," writes Kate Walker, assistant Extension professor at the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development. Click here to view and download that case study.

Adventure that matters

It’s not just about the thrills. More than ever before, we must find innovative ways to educate our youth and instill a sense of purpose, confidence, compassion, and a desire to make a positive difference in the world. We are  different than other outdoor organizations. Your students won't just go on a trip, they will be on an expedition. They will be crew members, not passengers. This results in gained confidence by solving real problems, leading their peers, extending a hand of support to other crew members and attaining goals they set. We give your students a trip filled with memories—and more importantly, skills—they can take back home and glean for the rest of their life.

Course Progression


Download our Theory of Change (PDF)

Our Partnership Approach

We strive to build strong partnerships with schools and nonprofits, and will take time to fully understand your unique group. Each program we deliver is customized to address the outcomes you are seeking for your participants. Whether you’re interested in a one-time course or a fully-integrated program design, our staff will work with you every step of the way.